Gallery PR is a new-age public relations and marketing agency based in New York and Los Angeles.  

Our relationships with national media and global tastemakers is vital to our success, which spans a decade of experience working with them and other strategic partners to provide culturally relevant content to world audiences.

As a boutique firm, Gallery PR prides itself in catering to our clients on a highly-personalized and consistent level.

We are also committed to discovering new and emerging talent scouted from around the world, who through our services, can help fill the pages and screens of tomorrow.

You are invited to become a part of that conversation.


recent clients  

Living Notes and Founder Olya Hill

DMOS Collective and Founder Susan Pieper

Edward Hertzman, Founder & President at Sourcing Journal

Blue Meets Blue and Founder Shahd Alasaly

Islamic Fashion Design Council and Chairwoman Alia Khan

Dosist (formerly "hmbldt")

Double Barrel